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How does Mind-Full work?

The headset senses the player’s brainwave frequencies and determines how calm and/or attentive they are. This information is sent by Bluetooth to the Mind-Full app on a tablet (Android or Apple) and used to control three simple games. The app shows the player how to use their body to change their brain state and control activity in the games. Through repetitive practice, a player can learn how to calm themselves and focus their attention. Once they know how to do it, and what it feels like, it’s easier to do it in a noisy classroom, even when not playing the game. Mind-View shows another person what’s happening with the player’s level of relaxation and attention, and enables that person to adjust the game’s difficulty level to suit the player.

Which NeuroSky headset do I need to use? There are several on the NeuroSky Store site.

You need the NeuroSky Mindwave Mobile headset. It may be shown as the Mindwave Mobile: Brainwave Starter Kit.

Why does the Mind-Full app need an EEG headset?

The EEG headset provides real-time information about players brain states to the Mind-Full app. The app can tell when a player is calm or anxious or when a player is paying attention or distracted. When we can see what’s happening in our brain in real time it’s called neurofeedback. Learning to self regulate is easier with neurofeedback because we can see what’s happening in our brain. It’s like having a coach who can see inside our head and say – “yes, that’s right” or “no, not quite.” Without the headset there’s no coach – no way to see what’s happening in the player’s brain.

Why wouldn’t I just use a relaxation app?

A simple relaxation app doesn’t provide any information about what’s actually happening in a child’s brain. There’s no neural feedback, no coach to tell when they’re getting it right.

Don’t EEG headsets require complicated calibration?

Some do, but the NeuroSky headset does not.  It uses one dry sensor that is easy to place on the child’s forehead. Mind-View enables real-time calibration and adjustment so that the player or another person can customize the games to match a player’s unique brainwave profile and experience level. It is possible to play without the Mind-View, but using it improves player experience and enables another person to see how calm or attentive the player is in real time. It’s like having a window into the player’s brain.

Is the EEG headset safe for my child to use?

Yes. The MindWave headset is a consumer-grade EEG device developed for home use. It has been used by game-developers and consumer product manufacturers including Mattel™ who developed several toys including the MindFlex™ and the Star Wars™ Force Trainer. The product has Industry Canada Certification (CI). The Mindwave headset is not considered medical equipment.

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